The sun

All forms of energy on Earth come from the energy of the sun, with the exception of nuclear energy, geothermal and tidal.

Solar energy is that associated with direct light and heat we feel when we are in sunshine. These are forms of indirect solar energy wind energy and wind energy retention.


Even the biomass, that is, any organic material of plant origin (from plants to agricultural residues or municipal), constitutes a form of accumulation of solar energy through the processes of photosynthesis. Solar energy direct and indirect forms described above are commonly referred to as renewable energy sources because they are regenerated, after use, on a scale of human time.
Fossil fuels but are not a renewable energy source because their reserves are finite and will disappear. 

The sun, renewable energy with instantaneous
Direct solar energy is that which we perceive when basking in the sun. It is the ultimate renewable source since it is renewed in an instant, or at most a few hours of delay (in case for example of the accumulated heat from the walls of the house during the day and released at night).

The wind, renewable energy with a daily
Wind power originates from the unequal and variable heating of the earth by the sun. Renewability of this energy source is from a few hours (the alternation of breezes day and night) a few weeks.

The water, renewable energy, with weekly
Water power, the energy possessed by the water in the presence of a gradient, is a phenomenon only possible thanks to the sun, whose heat fuels the cycle of water. The regeneration time of hydroelectric power ranges from a few weeks to several months (it is linked to rainfall).

Biomass energy with annual renewable
Biomass energy is simply stored solar energy, through photosynthesis in plant tissues of plants. The regeneration time of this source, longer than the previous ones, it still allows reuse on the scale of human time. It is in fact a few months to several years.

The fossil fuel with renewable energy in millions of years
The energy of fossil fuels also comes from solar energy, stored in biomass and submitted over millions of years, geological and chemical processes. Can not therefore be considered renewable.

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